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About Bohn Swimwear

Bohn swimwear is all about giving women an alternative to the classic revealing swimwear shape so commonly available. Our swimwear range allows you to choose from a mix and match selection of swimwear tops and bottoms to create an outfit that gives you the coverage you need but the functionality of technical swimwear. Cover your legs and arms completely or partially, in any combination of the specially designed Bohn Swimwear garments. Manufactured in a chlorine resistant fabric with sun protection of UPF 50+ our range is perfect for the pool or the beach.

Ever had that dread of getting in the swimming pool? Not wanting to expose your bottom, thighs or legs to the world. Can you think of any other sport that it is the norm for a woman to need to expose so much of herself in public? Are you missing out on the enjoyment of the water and the wonderful health benefits of swimming? You might even be missing out on teaching your kids to swim, waterslide fun, hydrotherapy sessions for your health, or summer holidays with friends and family, all because you can't find swimwear that is not revealing.

Well not anymore, Bohn swimwear solves this problem. Bohn Swimwear laughs in the face of convention. Bohn Swimwear says "It's okay you don't need to wax your bikini line before you can enjoy the water". We say jump in and make a splash. Now you can get in the pool or the sea and enjoy the water, confident in your swimwear. Stay warm, protected from the sun and as modest as you want.

The Swimwear Fabric We Use.

The fabric chosen for the Bohn swimwear range is ideal for its strength and versatility. Comprised of 53% polyester and 47% polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), it is the omission of elastane from the composition and the use of PBT that gives the fabric its chlorine proof ability. So this means the fabric will not degrade and become see-through in a few wears in the pool.

The composition of the fabric also gives swimmers the additional benefit of breathability and has a fast-drying capacity. Its elasticity ensures the most perfect fit, essential for feeling comfortable in and out of the water.

Additionally the fabric has attained a rating of (UPF 50+) which gives total protection against harmful UV rays. This certification is renewed yearly by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency.

The level of durability of Darwin fabric is such that it is suitable for more extreme watersports as well as for swimming thus, the Bohn Swimwear range is the ideal choice for surfing, kayaking, wakeboarding, etc.

Join the swimwear revolution - Bohn Swimwear - Giving you coverage and confidence.

For more info on sun protection in swimwear and how to look after your swimsuit, visit our: BLOG

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